Monday, January 30, 2012

Go women!

I really love this commercial (especially, 1.03-1.07)! It can be applied not only to sport but to all other things like career... Women can do a lot, when they really want to ;)

I was lucky to get to know one very successful woman. She is psychotherapist. I met her on the training course (for personal development) which she was conducting. Her husband once asked what she would choose: career or family. And she have told that she would pick career because family cannot give her all what career was giving: social status, respect, fulfillment, financial independence and many other things (very honest reply to a husband :) ).

In life of women there are no easy choices. But if you know in your hart who you really are and even if the road you choose is a bumpy one, do not hesitate, just start going!

Go girls! Go women! Go ladies!

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