Thursday, February 16, 2012


Funny thing I discovered about myself:  When I had a simpler life I liked complicated books, like those of Friedrich Nietzsche, Erich Maria Remarque and a lot of psychology literature. But now, when after busy day I feel like my brain is ready to explode I need some really easy read :) … to let my brain relax a little. So, young adults’ and fantasy literature it is! :)

In this kind of literature like in most of the other, there are not so many strong female characters. They often follow the path which was predetermined for them by society. For example, I have a big problem with “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer even though at first I liked it. But what does it teach? To find some handsome guy and no matter what but to give birth to his child and nothing about some personal development. There were moments which really terrified me from the point of view how it can influence brains of young ladies. But I would rather not talk about it anymore…

I was recently surprised when reading fantasy series “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini. There I encountered three very strong female characters, even though the series were written by a guy and the main character was a guy too. These three characters were: 1. elf-warior-ambassador (who eventually became a queen without a king); 2. human political and military leader who also became a queen without a king; 3. a fierce female dragon :) . I never sow so many and so strong female characters in one book/series and I felt a bit sad when finishing it. But then I found very interesting list of books:

I really enjoyed checking out this list and chose some books I’d like to read, for example, “Protector of the small” series by Tamora Pierce.


  1. Since I am a voracious reader, one of my favorite things to do is ask other readers about the books they read. There was a group of young women at the gym discussing the Twilight series. When I asked what other books they have read they stated with their busy schedules and demanding jobs they almost always read books to escape. I would much rather see them reading books with "Kick Ass Female Characters," than the Twilight series. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wish I could say about myself that I am a voracious reader, but sometimes I'm a bit more movies and series watcher. But I should say that reading is much better, because books last longer, because there are more good books than good movies, books usually have richer vocabulary and deeper thoughts while movies are usually simplified for an average viewer. So, I hope, I'll become more of a reader in the future:)

    If to be honest, I'm also reading to escape. I always need to escape at least a little before falling asleep, otherwise I would not be able to fall asleep for a long time. I would just keep thinking about my plans, what I did and did not do during the day and what steel needs to be done... That's why I need escape, and I guess, there is no further escape then a fantasy book.

    The twilight kind of books, I think, are more about finding happiness in someone else. And I think that it might be like a trap. Women read them for escape, get ideas that their happiness is connected to someone and not first of all to themselves, then they get disappointed by reality which is totally different, and then they need even more escape :). So they keep reading Twilight kind of books :) It almost happened to me. Luckily, I understood that those books are bad for me and about "Kick Ass Female Characters" are good :). Reading about strong (I mean mentally) people (especially women, as a good example for me) also gives some inspiration to rely more on my own forces and not to dream about someone who will come and make me happy :)

    Longest comment ever :)